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Mike Ruppert - February 3, 1951 - April 13, 2014

I just learned of the death of Mike Ruppert today.  Apparently he committed suicide last Sunday, after finishing a radio broadcast on his show 'The Lifeboat Hour.' 

Following the September 11th attacks, Ruppert, who was a former LAPD detective,  was one of the first investigators to challenge the official version of events.  His writings concerning 9/11 on his website 'From the Wilderness,' inspired my interest in the subject.  I recall that he was instrumental early on in helping promote a 9/11 Timeline, which Paul Thompson and others later expanded on to become one of the truly great achievements of the 9/11 truth movement. 

Ruppert was one of the first to connect the dots between 9/11, the CIA, and the international drug trade.  He was a controversial figure, who had his emotional ups and downs.  Although he had faced numerous death threats in the past, what I've seen so far indicates that he indeed committed suicide by shooting himself. 

Ruppert is the author of Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil.   Recently he completed a movie about peak oil, another cause that he was passionate about, entitled 'Collapse.'

His presence as an investigative journalist and activist will sorely be missed. ~ B.B.

9/11 truther Mike Ruppert kills himself after finishing his radio show

By Travis Gettys
Tuesday, April 15, 2014 12:11 EDT


Friday, March 28, 2014

A new WTC 7 investigation


$50,000 in Matching Funds Pledged for the High-Rise Safety Initiative!

I just contributed – Will you join me?

Dear Friends,
I am thrilled to inform you that NYC CAN's ballot initiative for a new WTC 7 investigation – the High-Rise Safety Initiative – has received a major boost in the form of a $50,000 matching gift from two generous donors!
Already the campaign has raised over $33,000 in response to this matching funds opportunity, and they have just $17,000 to go. When they reach their goal of $50,000 and it is doubled by the matching gift, they will have enough to launch their petition drive on May 1st.
I just contributed $250 because I believe strongly that this campaign has a real chance of leading to a new investigation, and because this generous matching gift doubled the value of my contribution.
Please join me in contributing what you can before this matching funds opportunity ends on April 1st. They are already most of the way there and need our support now to take full advantage of this amazing offer.

Visit to learn more and make your contribution today. Together we have the power to make this campaign happen.

Richard Gage, AIA / Founder
Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth
High-Rise Safety Initiative on Facebook      Donate to High-Rise Safety Initiative      High-Rise Safety Inititative Homepage
We are a non–partisan association of architects, engineers, and affiliates.

Our work at AE911Truth is dedicated to the victims, families and all others throughout the world affected by the tragic events of September 11, 2001 and its aftermath.

Our mission is to research, compile, and disseminate scientific evidence relative to the destruction of the 3 WTC skyscrapers, calling for a truly open and independent investigation and supporting others in the pursuit of justice.

Learn more about us.

Contact us if you have questions or comments.

Please forward and distribute widely!

Thank you. Editor in Chief, Richard Gage, AIA

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AE911Truth is a 501(c)3 organization. Donations are deductible per codes and regulations.

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Bush Library

Did anyone else notice this AP picture in the Herald Times?  It just screams "explosives" to me.  How can anyone believe gravity did this?

High resolution version:

Different angle:

"A Day of Fire":

Deborah Jurcak of Grapevine, Texas, touches the World Trade Center tower beams in the 9/11 exhibit in the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas. The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum began accepting Freedom of Information Act requests for records from Bush's presidency Monday.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Another "New Pearl Harbor" in the Offing?

Atlantic Council Report Threatens

"An Extraordinary Crisis"

Bob Baldwin

January 17, 2014


Citing the threat posed by non-state actors such Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, and anonymous hackers to the New World Order, a report issued last August by the Atlantic Council sounds eerily familiar to the Project for a New American Century's call for a "New Pearl Harbor."  In the report that was prepared by Harrison K. Ullman, a key architect in the Bush Administration's Shock and Awe Campaign in Iraq, Mr. Ullman writes:

"The major enemy and adversary are no longer states bent on disrupting or dominating the system despite those who see China as a future foe.

Instead, the more immediate danger rests in the dramatic empowerment of individuals and groups, for good and sadly evil, often lumped together as 'non-state actors.'

Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, countless 'hackers' and anonymous people mailing anthrax-filled letters whose actions have indeed constituted real threats and systemic disruptions… 

Without an extraordinary crisis, little is likely to be done to reverse or limit the damage imposed by failed or failing governance."

At the time of the report's unveiling, former Air Force General, and former National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft was serving as Interim-Chairman for the council.  Scowcroft also heads the Scowcroft Center for International Security, an affiliate of the Atlantic Council.

Brent Scowcroft, a former assistant to Henry Kissinger, was a key participant in the infamous Halloween Massacre of 1975.  "Halloween Massacre" was a term used by the press to describe the major shakeup in the cabinet of the Ford Administration. 

As a result of the shakeup, Donald Rumsfeld replaced James Schlesinger as Secretary of Defense, Dick Cheney replaced Donald Rumsfeld as Chief of Staff, George H. W. Bush replaced William Colby, who would later be murdered, as CIA Director, and Brent Scowcroft replaced his old boss, Henry Kissinger, as National Security Advisor.

On 9/11, all these men were in key positions of control and command at the time of the attacks.  Dick Cheney was in command at the Presidential bunker under the White House, Donald Rumsfeld was in charge at the Pentagon, and George H. W. Bush had just left Washington, D.C. early that morning, where he had attended, along with the brother of Osama bin Laden, a conference at the Ritz Carlton Hotel of the Carlyle Group.  As for Brent Scowcroft, he was participating in the Global Guardian military exercise out of Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska, which was suspiciously moved up to September from its regularly held date in late October and early November.  Scowcroft was onboard one of three E-4B Doomsday planes that were in the air that day.

Two of the planes were spotted, one over New York City, the other over Washington D.C. on the day of the attacks.  Offutt Air Force Base, where the exercise originated, would be where President George W. Bush would eventually flee to on that fateful day.

Interestingly, in 1976, just one year after the Halloween Massacre, Congress passed the National Emergency Act, which George W. Bush invoked following 9/11.  The National Emergency Act allows the President of the United States to suspend key provisions of the United States Constitution.  This act provides some of the legal justification for the unconstitutional actions that we've seen since 9/11. 

Earlier, President Bill Clinton had invoked the National Emergency Act in response to the Oklahoma City Bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, another likely state crime against democracy.  (Recommended viewing: A Noble Lie

1976, the year the National Emergency Act was passed by Congress, was also the year that the U.S. Army, according to a 29-year veteran of the Defense Department, Timothy McNiven, claims drafted a study simulating an attack on the World Trade Center using hijacked airplanes.

This was also the year the producers of the children's television show Sesame Street featured on the cover of their magazine a picture of the Cookie Monster devouring the Twin Towers with the caption: "Monsters on the Lose."

In addition to Harrison K. Ullman and Brent Scowcroft, other Atlantic Council members have included such notables as James L. Jones, Susan Rice, Chuck Hagel, the late Richard G. Holbrook, and General Eric K. Shenseki.  The current chairman, chosen this month, is former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman.

When a prestigious organization such as The Atlantic Council calls for "an extraordinary crisis" to save the New World Order, a term they use, they shouldn't be taken lightly.   





Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fwd: The Halloween Massacre and the Origins of 9/11​

The Missing Link to 9/11

Bob Baldwin

November 22, 2013

The Halloween Massacre is the missing link that connects the JFK assassination and Watergate to Iran/Contra and ultimately 9/11.

Both Roger Stone the author of the book - The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ and Russ Baker, the author of Family of Secrets believe that Richard Nixon was setup over Watergate because he knew too much about the CIA's involvement in the JFK assassination. He posed a threat to the Agency. He had been to Clint Murchison party the night before the assassination, but had left before LBJ showed up for the secret planning meeting.

I don't believe Nixon was quite as innocent of the plot against Kennedy as Stone makes him out to be. He had after all set up the Operation 40 assassination teams that were used in the various attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro in Cuba. Many of these same individuals would later turn up in Jim Garrison's investigation into the assassination. That said, I also don't think he was completely in the loop. I think he was being manipulated by Johnson in order to get Republican backing for the cover-up.

After Nixon was removed from office as a result of Watergate, which Russ Baker believes was a CIA contrived setup. His contention is reinforced by Deborah Davis in her book Katherine the Great: Katherine Graham and Her Washington Post Empire. Turns out, Ben Bradlee, the editor of the Washington Post was a former CIA operative. He had worked in the Paris Embassy, and was responsible during the 1950s for generating propaganda used against Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

Bob Woodward, far from being a cub reporter with a lucky break, as portrayed in All the President's Men, had served as Navy liaison between Admiral Zumwalt and the White House. Although technically he may not have served in Naval Intelligence, he had top secret clearance. He mixed in high circles.

As a consequence of Watergate, Gerald Ford, a member of the Warren Commission became President. According to various accounts, he spied on the Commission for the FBI. Fearing a challenge on the right for the 1976 Presidential nomination from Ronald Reagan, Ford had a shakeup in his cabinet midway during his term, which was known as the Halloween Massacre.

As a result of the Halloween Massacre, Henry Kissinger, who stayed on as Secretary of State, was replaced as National Security Advisor by Air Force General Brent Scowcroft.

William Colby was replaced as CIA Director by George Herbert Walker Bush. Years later, Colby would drown outside his cabin under suspicious circumstances.

James Schlessinger was replaced by Donald Rumsfeld as Secretary of State.

And Dick Cheney was brought on as Chief of Staff.

The year was 1975.

The following year, the military ran a drill authorized by Congress to simulate a terrorist attack on the Twin Towers that was remarkably similar to what would actually happen 25 years later on 9/11. You can read about it here:

"The Perfect Terrorist Plan To Level The Twin Towers Created In 1976" by Greg Szymanski

Curiously, the producers of the children's televison show Sesame Street that year featured on the cover of their magazine a picture of the Cookie Monster devouring the Twin Towers with the caption: "Monsters on the Loose."

Was someone trying to warn us, or did the conspirators just have a sense of humor?

Fast foreward to that fateful day in September:

On 9/11, George H. W. Bush flew out of Washington, D.C. on the morning of the attack. He had been meeting with the Carlyle Group along with Shafiq bin Laden, the brother of Osama bin Laden at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Dubya was conveniently out of town in Sarasota, Florida, reading My Pet Goat, holding the book upside down with school children.

In charge at the White House was Vice President Dick Cheney.

In charge at the Pentagon was Donald Rumsfeld.

On board one of the E 4B Doomsday planes circling Washington D.C. and New York City, as part of the Global Guardian Exercise, which had suspiciously been moved up to September that year from its usual October or November scheduled date, was retired General and former National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft.

These were the same players involved in the Halloween Massacre. Was this a coicidence or a conspiracy? You be the judge.


Monday, October 28, 2013

AE911Truth The Blueprint Newsletter - October 2013

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth / Blueprint Newsletter
AE911Truth Blueprint Newsletter | Vol. XLIX | October, 2013 
October 2013 newsletter banner          

Cynthia McKinney gives a stirring speech at the Rethink911 Anniversary rally in Times Square; Richard Gage, AIA, Barbara Honegger and Pam Senzee bring the 9/11 evidence to the halls of the Senate; Now you can enjoy your favorite flavor of coffee and help AE911Truth at the same time.


NY Times Billboard Kickoff Event?

ReThink911 Activists Take a Bite Out of the Big Apple

Seven NYC Street Events,Culminate in Major Times Square Rally On 12th Anniversary of 9/11

Written by Andrew Steele and AE911Truth Staff

Hundreds of Rethink911 activists made their presence felt on the streets of Manhattan with thought-provoking signs and banners

Editor's Note: The historic events in Times Square last month are just the beginning for the ReThink911 campaign. We are working on some exciting projects for the next few months that have the potential to eclipse the success of our NYC billboard effort. Donate now to help us take ReThink911 to the next level!

On the twelfth anniversary of 9/11, a massive billboard mounted above Times Square asked New Yorkers if they were aware that a third New York skyscraper fell on that tragic day. For those who weren't already aware, the billboard was a curiosity that prompted them to rethink 9/11, if even for just a moment. For those who were aware, and who understood the implications of that third building's improbable destruction, the billboard was a symbol of collective triumph and a turning point in a massive effort to educate the public about the facts surrounding the most significant crimes in modern history.


AE911Truth honored at 9/11 Anniversary Conference

DC911Truth Hosts Top Speakers at Hotel Overlooking Pentagon

Written by Greg Baptista

Architect Richard Gage, AIA, beamed with pride when he accepted the conference's top award on behalf of AE911Truth

On September 14-15,  just days after the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, and as the historic ReThink911 campaign sparked questions and controversy around the world, researchers and supporters gathered at the Sheraton Pentagon City in Arlington, VA, for one of the most comprehensive national 9/11 Truth conferences in years: 9/11: Advancing the Truth, organized by (Association for Nine Eleven Truth Awareness), added a bonus event on Friday night, in which several of the most prominent researchers in the 9/11 Truth community tackled a wide range of topics surrounding 9/11.

The conference was also co-sponsored by Connecticut 9/11 Truth and Monterey, CA 9/11 Truth, with endorsements from additional 9/11 Truth groups. The conference room afforded participants an excellent view of the side of the Pentagon that was damaged on 9/11, as well as the officially claimed flight path of Flight 77 and another path, farther north, that some researchers believe was the real flight path of whatever struck-or appeared to strike-the Pentagon..


Encouraging the Senate to
ReThink 9/11

Constituents Join AE911Truth Experts in DC Congressional Meetings

Written by Pamela Senzee

Forty-five year veteran structural engineer Rick Fowlkes PE, Pamela Senzee, and fire protection engineer and Scott Grainger, FPE, were a force to be reckoned with in the halls of the Senate

The ReThink911 congressional outreach effort was a resounding success on September 16 - with over a dozen constituents seeking meetings with their Senators to discuss the 9/11 evidence. They were joined by AE911Truth founder Richard Gage, AIA, former Reagan White House policy analyst Barbara Honegger, M.S.

The team gathered in front of the U.S. Senate offices and proceeded to deliver packets of information about the destruction of the Twin Towers and Building 7 to legislative correspondents. Most of the recipients seemed genuinely interested in passing along the information to the senators.

We even met up with Senator Jay Rockefeller in the hallway and walked awhile with him, telling him about the third tower that fell on 9/11, and provided him a VIP packet of DVDs and literature. Take that, Jay!


International Website Unveiled: Takes World Trade Center Demolition Evidence to World Stage

Download Video or DVD in 18 Languages Now

Written by Sandra Jelmi and AE911Truth Staff

Now you can download 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out in one of 18 languages or order the boxed DVD from our online store.

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, an organization deeply rooted in the United States, has now become familiar to concerned citizens around the globe. Unconvinced by the official narrative of the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings on 9/11/2001, AE911Truth's international researchers and truth seekers have set out to explore the subject on their own in order to separate facts from (conspiracy) theories... and the latest product of our efforts is, where everyone can get instant access to translations of our most influential documentary.

With its purely scientific approach, AE911Truth arguably remains the most dependable source of information on the destruction of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers.

While English may not be the mother tongue of many who visit the site, the scarcity of resources in their own languages often leads them to search for solid information outside their linguistic comfort zones. Thanks to thousands of hours of volunteer work from our amazing team of translators, AE911Truth now offers a truly global reach through


Controversy in Canada Capital: ReThink911 Ads in Ottawa Buses Spark Public Debate

Written by AE911Truth Staff

ReThink911 ads in Ottawa buses like this one received unprecedented attention from media sources across Canada

ReThink911 caused the greatest stir of its September 2013 campaign in Canada's capital city of Ottawa, where 300 ads appeared on local buses from early September to early October asking riders, "Did you know a 3rd tower fell on 9/11?"

The controversy first erupted on the night of September 11, when coverage of the campaign appeared on the CBC and Ottawa Citizen websites. Both articles quoted Ottawa City Councilor and Transit Commission Chair Diane Deans, who called the ads "insensitive" and indicated that she would request a review of Ottawa's advertising policy. In-depth reporting on ReThink911's message by the Ottawa Citizen included a quote from Frank Wilson, the general manager of ad broker Pattison Outdoor, who affirmed that the ads conformed to the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards. "Everyone has a right to question whatever they want to," he said. "I don't think you need to be embroiled in conspiracy theory to wonder why... that at the end of the day this building just suddenly came down."


AE911Truth Volunteer Spotlight: Elaine French, Verification Team Member

Written by Dick Scar, BSAE

AE911Truth volunteer Elaine French has single-handedly verified over 100 architects and engineers who signed our petition

The race for AE911Truth to reach 2,000 architect and engineer petition signers in August 2013 gave volunteer Elaine French just the challenge she was looking for.

A retired flight attendant living in Mesquite, NV, Elaine was introduced to the 9/11 Truth movement in 2006 when a friend sent her a link to the video Loose Change. In 2012, she visited the AE911Truth website after seeing one of our videos and learned that founder Richard Gage, AIA, would be speaking at a venue near her home. She offered to volunteer while at that event, and Richard gave her the assignment of updating his blog while he was on the 9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out World Premiere tour.

Eventually, Elaine moved to the AE911Truth Verifications Team, where she has been confirming the credentials of US-based architects and engineers. She played a dominant role in ensuring that we had the signatures of 2000 A/Es on our petition by this year's 9/11 anniversary.


Fraud Exposed
in NIST WTC 7 Reports
Part 5 of 5

Non-Existent Diesel Fuel Fire

Written by Chris Sarns

Chris Sarns has also been deeply involved in the work of AE911Truth, where he provides his expertise on WTC 7

Editor's note: To this day most people, including many architects and engineers, are not aware that a third skyscraper, World Trade Center Building 7, mysteriously collapsed along with the World Trade Center Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. The official report on this building's collapse by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has been challenged by many reputable and credentialed technical professionals. The NIST analysis has not undergone the rigors of scientific peer review – the typical pathway for validating significant scientific theories. Chris Sarns' research appears in Dr. David Ray Griffin's book titled "The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7." A definitive study of what happens when political concerns are permitted to override science and the scientific method. With intellectual finesse worthy of a scientist, Griffin shows that NIST's WTC 7 report has no scientific credibility. A must read for all concerned with the restoration of science to its 'rightful place' in our democracy."--John D. Wyndham, Ph.D., Physics, Cambridge University; former Research Fellow at the California Institute of Technology]" The studies below represent years of work by Chris in unraveling some of the most glaring inconsistencies and outright frauds in the NIST report on World Trade Center 7. He demonstrates that the NIST's theory of the fire-induced collapse of Building 7 is faulty and misleading.


Justice Through Java: "Wake Up" Coffee Supports AE911Truth

Written by Mike Cook

Get the perfect pair of coffee mugs at a 15% discount (with the

A new brand of coffee has been created that is specifically designed to support our call for a new 9/11 investigation.

With every 2-lb bag of "Wake Up" coffee you purchase, $4.00 will be donated to AE911Truth! Purchase yours now at

"Bob", a generous AE911Truth supporter and coffee wholesaler with a passion for the art of roasting, has made this gracious offer, which includes free shipping on all orders. We've gained the confidence that these are among the finest coffees available, and we hope that you'll consider getting your coffee from this source exclusively.

You can also enjoy these delicious and stimulating brews in one of our special coffee mugs – either the mug or the AE911Truth mug. Through the end of October, you can order two mugs separately at the AE911Truth online store and get a 15% discount! Use the coupon code "MugSale" at checkout.


Standing Room Only at 9/11 Anniversary Event

Student Group Screens
9/11: Explosive Evidence –
Experts Speak Out
at Arizona State University

Written by AE911Truth Staff

Arizona State University students had a lively discussion about the explosive 9/11 evidence after the on-campus screening of Experts Speak Out

On the recent 12th anniversary of the 9/11/2001 World Trade Center attack, the 9/11 Studies & Outreach Club at ASU hosted its inaugural public outreach event. Roughly 30 students and local activists packed into the conference room at the Memorial Union to watch 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out. A lively discussion ensued.

A brief show of hands before the movie revealed that nobody in the crowd believed the official story, and only two were unsure. Based on the lopsided survey, event organizers elected to show just the first half hour of Experts Speak Out, which features the destruction of Building 7 and an introduction to the science behind controlled demolition. At least five people walked in during the film, but nobody walked out.

Some students chuckled at the nonsensical NIST computer simulation of WTC 7, which stops halfway and looks nothing like the nearly symmetrical collapse seen in videos. "It's no wonder that NIST refuses to release the contrived input data it used to make its model behave even remotely like the actual event," noted event organizer Steve Cohn.


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