Saturday, September 19, 2009

An American Biker for 911 Truth


My name is Bruce Arnold, and I live in Miami Beach.  I am a record-holding
long distance motorcycle rider, and the author of numerous articles on
distance riding and motorcyclists' rights.  Yesterday, I released the
October 2009 installment of the "Bruce on Bikers' Rights" online series, an
article entitled "Recession, Revolution and Bikers' Rights".  The PDF
version of the article is attached, and the HTML version is available at
either of these links:

The 911 Truth Movement is featured prominently and positively therein, and I
invite you to email, broadcast, post, re-publish or otherwise use this
article in any way that you think might be beneficial to the cause.  All I
ask is that you take nothing out of context, and include my accreditation.

Keep fighting the good fight!

Bruce Arnold
Co-Moderator, Bruce-n-RC's Biker Forum
Author and Publisher,
Mile Eater Gold Member, Iron Butt Association (IBA)
Sustaining Member, Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF)
2009 Chairman's Circle, American Motorcyclist Association (AMA)
Signatory, 911 Truth Statement & Petition (|

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