Tuesday, May 25, 2010

CIA operatives admit to faking bin Laden video

To anyone who has viewed the various videos featuring different actors playing the role of Osama bin Laden, the allegation that the CIA faked "one of the tapes" will come as no great surprise.  In the Washington Post article below note the understated way in which the revelation is reported. 

Article from PrisonPlanet.com:

Article from Washington Post:

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Declassified documents: Bush and Cheney's movements on 9/11

Infowars.com (original source is 9/11 Blogger) currently has the following article with a link to Secret Service declassified documents relating to Bush and Cheney's movements on 9/11. The documents confirm assertion by Webster Tarpley in his book 9/11 Synthetic Terror that the White House received a threat that "Angel is Next." (The Air Force One code-name is redacted in the document). See link below:

Declassified 9/11 U.S. Secret Service FOIA Records Describing Activity of President Bush & VP Cheney