Saturday, August 20, 2011

Questions for Richard Clarke on COG, the UAE, and BCCI

Here's my new article on the questions that I would ask Richard Clarke, given the chance.  

"A recent interview with former "Counterterrorism Czar," Richard Clarke, is making a splash in the alternative media.[1]  In this interview, Clarke speculates about CIA malfeasance related to the pre-9/11 monitoring of two alleged September 11 hijackers.  This interview is somewhat interesting due to Clarke's vague suggestion that the CIA had courted 9/11 suspects as sources, but it is far more interesting for what was not said with regard to Clarke's personal history and associations."

And check out the 10th Anniversary Campaign, aligning the efforts of the Remember Building 7 initiative, the Toronto Hearings, and AE911Truth's new Experts Speak Out video.

Kevin Ryan

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