Wednesday, September 7, 2011

You Can Reach Thousands of People

Please Donate Now in Support of the Largest 9/11 Campaign Ever
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Reason #3 to Donate to the 10th Anniversary Campaign:
With Just $10 You Can Reach Thousands of People

September 7, 2011

When you donate one dollar to the 10th Anniversary campaign, you are paying for 100 impressions – that means, you will allow Remember Building 7's ads to be seen on TV and on subways 100 times.

That also means a modest $10 donation will allow the ads to be seen 1,000 times. Can you possibly think of a more cost-effective way to educate people? We can't.

And that's only the number of individual times people will be reached. It doesn't take into account the exponential effect that will occur when millions of people all in the same geographic location have the same experience of seeing the ads everywhere and talking about it.

Please donate a modest amount within your means and you will reach thousands of people.

$10 = 1,000 impressions
$25 = 2,500 impressions
$50 = 5,000 impressions (plus you get a free DVD of the Toronto Hearings)
$100 = 10,000 impressions (free DVD and Final Report of the Toronto Hearings)

What are you waiting for?

Please donate now

Thank you for you generous support!

The Remember Building 7 Team

Only with your support can this campaign be a success.



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