Friday, December 14, 2012

9/11 Flight School Operator Rudi Dekkers Arrested for Drug Trafficking

FINALLY! Rudi Dekkers Behind Bars for Drug Trafficking


The long run of Rudi Dekkers, 56, the Dutch national who first passed out bunks to Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi when they arrived in the United States to enroll at Huffman Aviation in Venice, Florida, ended last week when he was arrested for drug trafficking in Houston.(read the criminal complaint .pdf)

Before relating the details of 'what went down in Houston,' a little 'back story' on Dekkers, who is an historically important figure:

In the aftermath of the 9/11 attack, it was Rudi Dekkers' running account of the character and personality of Mohamed Atta and the other terrorists which transfixed a nation and the world. He was everywhere on television.

Even though it seemed to many observers that he was making it up as he went along, Dekkers fixed an image of the hijackers that changed remarkably little in the years that followed.

Marwan was the jolly one. Atta was rude. Dekkers' didn't like him, he asserted, ever more emphatically. He just didn't.

"I just had this funny feeling"

On the day after the attack, Dekkers had denied to reporters that he's ever talked to Atta or Al-Shehhi, There were dozens of foreign students at the school. He was a very busy man. But his memory very shortly seemed to improve. Later, the operations manager at the second flight school (in Naples) told me someone she thought was an FBI agent had been coaching him behind the scenes.

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Military judge allows total blackout of 9/11 plotters’ torture testimony

The 9/11 coverup continues... ~ B.B.

Military judge allows total blackout of 9/11 plotters' torture testimony

By Stephen C. Webster
Wednesday, December 12, 2012 14:43 EST

A military judge presiding over the trials of the accused 9/11 plotters decided last week that any and all testimony relating to their treatment by U.S. personnel shall be censored, according to a ruling released Wednesday.
In a statement sent to reporters, the American Civil Liberties Union made it clear that they are deeply troubled by the judge's ruling.
"The government wanted to ensure that the American public would never hear the defendants' accounts of illegal CIA torture, rendition and detention, and the military judge has gone along with that shameful plan," ACLU attorney Hina Shamsi said in an advisory.
Full story:

Sunday, December 9, 2012

CNN airs hotel surveillance video of explosion at Pentagon

CNN recently aired a surveillance video from a hotel in Arlington, Virginia of an explosion at the Pentagon that had originally been confiscated by the FBI. According to CNN it shows a explosion "after the crash," but no airplane.

The video was recently made public in response to a lawsuit.  The video which was published on YouTube on November 26, 2012, is of poor quality.  It may have been shot from the opposite side of the Pentagon, but that's not clear.  Because of the poor quality of the footage this probably won't settle the issue of whether or not a plane struck the Pentagon.  This is the first I've seen of the video.  I don't know the name of the hotel, its location in regards to the Pentagon, or any details about the lawsuit.  Those would be important details to know.


Friday, November 30, 2012

New Documents: Al Qaeda's Pentagon Dinner Guest Was Part of 'Catch And Release' Program

Anwar al-Awlaqi and his son, both of whom were American citizens, were allegedly killed in separate drone strikes ordered by President Obama and a secret committee operating within the National Security Council that conducts extra-judicial assassinations.  Although this is just speculation, Al-Awlaqi's history of 'catch and release' raises the intriguing possibility that he and his son might not have actually died and are instead living in a witness protection program somewhere.  Al-Awlaki was the Imam for the San Diego and Falls Church mosques that several of the 9/11 hijackers and the Fort Hood shooter attended. ~ B.B.

New Documents: Al Qaeda's Pentagon Dinner Guest Was Part of 'Catch And Release' Program 

Judicial Watch lawsuit reveals evidence Bush, Obama operated shady deals with terrorists

Steve Watson
Nov 29, 2012

Documents obtained by accountability group Judicial Watch have confirmed that US-born Islamic cleric Anwar al-Awlaqi, said to be the former leader of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), was arrested and held in Yemen at the behest of the U.S. Embassy before being released again.

The documents also reveal that the terrorist chief, who previously dined with top brass at the Pentagon, was officially invited to the US embassy in Yemen on March 24, 2011, just six months before his supposed assassination by US drone strike.

Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the U.S. State Department for materials pertaining to al-Awlaqi's activities and his death in Yemen last year.

On its website, the watchdog group notes that the heavily redacted documents it obtained include two "Privacy Act Release Forms" issued by the U.S. Embassy in Sanaa, Yemen. Both documents were signed by al-Awlaqi. One was dated November 14, 2006, and the other July 2, 2007. Judicial watch notes that this confirms the al qaeda terrorist was under official detention for a period of at least eight months.

The documents corroborate reports that suggested al-Awlaqi had indeed been arrested around that time in connection with an al-Qaeda plot to kidnap a U.S. government official. However, press at the time indicated he had been arrested in August 2006 and released in December 2007, without facing trial following lobbying by senior members of his tribe.

The newly uncovered documents do not indicate how long al-Awlaqi was detained or why he was released. According to previous reports, he was interviewed around September 2007 by two FBI agents with regard to the 9/11 attacks and other subjects.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Osama bin Laden Myth

With the major motion picture film "Zero Dark Thirty" set for release this December, it's important that the 9/11 Truth Movement set the record straight.  ~ B B.

The Osama bin Laden Myth

Paul Craig Roberts
November 26, 2012

The interview below with Osama bin Laden was conducted by the Karachi, Pakistan, daily newspaper, Ummat and published on September 28, 2001, 17 days after the alleged, but unsubstantiated, al Qaeda attack of September 11, 2001, on the World Trade Center twin towers and Pentagon. The interview was sensational. The alleged "mastermind" of 9/11 said that he and al Qaeda had nothing to do with the 9/11 attack. The British Broadcasting Corporation's World Monitoring Service had the interview translated into English and made public on September 29, 2001.

Osama bin Laden's sensational denial was not reported by the US print and TV media. It was not investigated by the executive branch. No one in the US Congress called attention to bin Laden's refusal of responsibility for the greatest humiliation ever inflicted on a superpower.

To check my memory of the lack of coverage, I googled "Osama bin Laden's interview denying responsibility for 9/11." Some Internet sites reproduced the interview, but the only mainstream news source that I found was a 1 minute YouTube video from CNN in which the anchor, after quoting an al Jazeera report of bin Laden's denial, concludes that "we can all weigh that in the scale of credibility and come to our own conclusions." In other words, bin Laden had already been demonized, and his denial was not credible.

The sensational news was unfit for US citizens and was withheld from them by the american "free press," a press free to lie for the government but not to tell the truth.

Full Story:

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Revealed: Military emails show that NO U.S. sailors witnessed Osama bin Laden's secret burial at sea

Below, is a story from the Daily Mail, which raises more suspicions about the alleged death and burial at sea of Osama bin Laden.  Interestingly, the account of Osama bin Laden's preparation for burial, according to "Islamic procedures," was provided in an email by Rear Admiral Charles Gaouette.  Gaouette would later be relieved of command of the U.S.S. Stennis Carrier Strike Group last October for " inappropriate leadership judgment."  His firing, followed the September 11th, 2012, terrorist raid on the CIA compound in Benghazi, Libya that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens. ~ B.B.


Revealed: Military emails show that NO U.S. sailors witnessed Osama bin Laden's secret burial at sea

  • Emails describe how Osama bin Laden's body was washed, wrapped in a white sheet and slid into the sea after religious remarks in Arabic
  • Defense Department says it cannot find any images or videos of bin Laden's aboard USS Carl Vinson
  • Pentagon failed to produce autopsy report, death certificate or results of DNA tests
  • Military officials referred to bin Laden's body as 'package' in coded missives
  • Release of emails mark first public disclosure of information about bin Laden's May 1, 2011 death

By Daily Mail Reporter

PUBLISHED:19:17 EST, 21 November 2012| UPDATED:19:17 EST, 21 November 2012

Internal emails among U.S. military officers indicate that no American sailors watched Osama bin Laden's burial at sea from the USS Carl Vinson, and traditional Islamic procedures were followed during the secret ceremony.

The emails, obtained by The Associated Press through the Freedom of Information Act, are heavily blacked out, but are the first public disclosure of government information about the al-Qaida leader's death. The emails were released Wednesday by the Defense Department.



Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Why Louis Freeh should be investigated for 9/11

I've have a new article as of yesterday. It is called "Why Louis Freeh should be investigated for 9/11." Here's an excerpt.

"In 2006, Freeh joined George Tenet on the board of a company that had been flagged, but never investigated, for 9/11 insider trading. He also became the personal attorney for Saudi Prince Bandar who, as stated before, was implicated through his wife in financing of the alleged hijackers. Recently he has been trotted out to pass judgment on the late coach Joe Paterno. But he is in no position to pass judgment on others.

Under Louis Freeh, the FBI failed miserably at preventing terrorism when preventing terrorism was the FBI's primary goal. Moreover, the actions of FBI management suggest that it was facilitating and covering-up acts of terrorism throughout the time that Freeh was the Bureau's director. Fifteen examples have been cited here from the time of Freeh's tenure and three other examples were given from the time just after he left, when it was unclear why he left or what he was doing. Add to these examples the fact that the FBI took extraordinary measures to hide evidence related to the 9/11 attacks and it becomes startling clear that Mr. Freeh should be a prime suspect in any honest investigation."

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Two new articles at the Journal of 9/11 Studies‏‏

Professor Graeme MacQueen and I are pleased to announce two new, peer reviewed articles that have been published at the Journal of 9/11 Studies.

The first is from German journalist Paul Schreyer and is titled Anomalies of the air defense on 9/11.  This paper identifies six major, simultaneous anomalies that occurred on September 11, 2001 with regard to the national air defenses.  Here is an excerpt:

"The official explanation for the detour is that air traffic controllers at Langley had sort of a standard flight plan, sending all jets generally to the east and that this standardized eastern heading somehow replaced the original NORAD scramble order. But this seems to be a dubious claim. Because how could that have happened? The pilots knew the original scramble order. They knew which direction NEADS wanted them to fly. And then they somehow forgot? But, same as with the Otis scramble, there seems only little chance to dig deeper because 'Giant Killer', the responsible control facility, deleted all its tapes from the communication on 9/11."

The second article is from licensed structural engineer Ronald H. Brookman and is titled A Discussion of "Analysis of Structural Response of WTC 7 to Fire and Sequential Failures Leading to Collapse."  This paper discusses a recent article published in the Journal of Structural Engineering, authored by a team including several of the primary NIST WTC report authors.  Brookman's discussion reviews how the NIST authors continue to ignore facts related to the construction of WTC 7 in their computer models, and how the basic information needed to verify those computer models remains unavailable to independent researchers.  Here is an excerpt:  

"The destruction of WTC 7 on September 11, 2001 and the final NCSTAR reports issued in 2008 raise many questions in addition to those outlined here, but one thing is certain: Thousands of hours of computer simulation are no substitute for a forensic investigation based on published national standards and well-established principles of scientific inquiry."

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Abu Zubaydah Poses a Real Threat to al Qaeda

We're working hard at the Journal of 9/11 Studies to share new articles in the near future. In the meantime, I continue to post articles at my blog. Here is the latest.
"Abu Zubaydah, a man once called al-Qaeda's 'chief of operations' appears to be at the center of an unraveling of the official myth behind al Qaeda."
I've received some good feedback on my last two blog articles.
Author Joseph Trento had this to say about "The USS Cole: Twelve years later, no justice or understanding":
"Kevin has done an important service with this article. Arms dealer Sarkis Soghanalian told me the explosives used in the attack had the same blast pattern as an anti-ship missile. He stated flatly that Iran was producing such missiles in huge numbers at the time of the attack."
Professor Peter Dale Scott called this one "brilliant" (I read that a few times) and it was picked up by a leading international organization of building professionals.
I hope you're all doing well.  Kevin

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Peter Dale Scott article about 9/11, the JFK Assassination, and OK City Bombing

In the article below entitled "Systemic Destabilization as 'A Strategy of Tension': 9/11, the JFK Assassination, and the Oklahoma City Bombing," Peter Dale Scott connects the dots between the JFK assassination, the Oklahoma City Bombing and 9/11.  He compares these "deep state" events to the CIA's and NATO's campaign of terror carried out in Europe during the Cold War under Operation Gladio.  He shows how after each of these attacks, civil liberties were eroded under legislation that has advanced the furtherance of a police state here at home. 

With the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination coming up next year, this is worth reading to put 9/11 in context with other deep state events.

Systemic Destabilization as "A Strategy of Tension": 9/11, the JFK Assassination, and the Oklahoma City Bombing

Global Research, September 24, 2012

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fw: New York Times CIA Connection Revealed

The story below from shows the collusion that goes on between members of the mainstream media and the CIA.  The New York Times over the past several months has been devoting  large amounts of coverage to the civil war in Syria.  Not surprisingly, the paper has slanted their stories on behalf of the CIA backed rebels. 

Operation Mockingbird refers to a CIA project began after World War II to recruit and "influence" members of the news media, both print and broadcast.  One of the principle founders of Operation Mockingbird was the late Frank Wisner, Sr.   Frank Wisner famously referred to the CIA as a "Mighty Wurlitzer" that could play any tune.  Keep that in mind the next time a left gatekeeper tells you "9/11 is a distraction."

This particular incident revolves around a story dealing with the upcoming movie "Zero Dark Thirty," concerning the raid on the alleged bin Laden compound.  The film, which was produced in conjunction with the U.S. military and CIA, is scheduled for release in December.  ~ B.B. 

Operation Mockingbird 2012: NYT Writer Leaked Story Critical of Obama to CIA

Asked spooks to delete his emails after reading them; Paper claims correspondence was 'mistake'

Steve Watson
Aug 30, 2012

Emails obtained by advocacy group Judicial Watch have exposed the fact that a senior New York Times employee, who covers national security for the newspaper, provided the CIA with advanced copies of an article another writer was preparing that was somewhat critical of the White House over the upcoming Hollywood film about the killing of Osama bin Laden.

The reporter, Mark Mazzetti, forwarded an advance copy of a Maureen Dowd column to a CIA spokesperson a full two days before it was set to be published. The article, published August 7th 2011, discussed the upcoming Kathryn Bigelow-Mark Boal film "Zero Dark Thirty", and criticized the Obama administration for having "outsourced the job of manning up the president's image to Hollywood."

Mazzetti's emails (below) show that he sent the piece to the CIA's Marie Harf, on August 5th 2011, writing: "this didn't come from me… and please delete after you read. See, nothing to worry about!"

Full story:


Fw: 9/11: Experts Speak Out - Thursday, Sep. 6th, 7:00 pm, MCPL Auditorium,

This month will mark the eleventh anniversary of the attacks of 9/11. For 11 years, advocates for war and greater restrictions on civil liberties have used 9/11 as justification for pre-emptive wars abroad and the establishment of a police state at home. During those same 11 years, many peace activists have derided the 9/11 truth movement for offering "kooky" conspiracy theories that divert from legitimate efforts to bring about peace and justice. Nothing could be further from the truth. Considering the central role that 9/11 has played in the so-called War on Terrorism, one must wonder why so many refuse to question the suspicious circumstances of such a crucial event?

If you are one of those skeptics, I urge you to see the film "9/11: Explosive Evidence, Experts Speak Out." The film offers scientific evidence challenging  the government's version of why the World Trade Center buildings came down. The film, which was produced by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, will be showing next Thursday, September 6th, at 7:00 pm in the Monroe County Public Library Auditorium, 303 E. Kirkwood Avenue, Bloomington, Indiana. The event is free and open to the public. I encourage skeptics and truth seekers alike to see this film.

To date, over 1,700 Architects & Engineers have signed a petition calling for new independent investigation into 9/11. For more information about Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, visit their website:

For too long, too many have avoided the subject of 9/11.  If we are to ever turn things around in this country, we need to start by facing up to what happened that day and demand answers and accountability from our leaders.

Fw: Glenn Greenwald article about NYT - CIA collusion

 Glenn Greenwald has an excellent article concerning the emails between the New York Times reporter Mark Mazzetti and CIA spokeswoman Marie Harf dealing with an article by Maureen Dowd concerning the Obama Administration's leaking of classified information to Hollywood filmmakers about the Navy Seal  raid on "bin Laden's" compound.  Originally, the film "Zero Dark Thirty" was scheduled for release before the Presidential Election.   It has since been rescheduled for showing sometime in December.  The filmmakers claim political reasons weren't a factor in the decision to delay the film's premiere.   As Greenwald notes, when the New York Times Managing Editor Dean Baquet was questioned by Politico about the matter, he cited  "intelligence" reasons for not discussing the matter further.  ~ B.B.

Correspondence and collusion between the New York Times and the CIA

Mark Mazzetti's emails with the CIA expose the degradation of journalism that has lost the imperative to be a check to power

The rightwing transparency group, Judicial Watch, released Tuesday a new batch of documents showing how eagerly the Obama administration shoveled information to Hollywood film-makers about the Bin Laden raid. Obama officials did so to enable the production of a politically beneficial pre-election film about that "heroic" killing, even as administration lawyers insisted to federal courts and media outlets that no disclosure was permissible because the raid was classified.

Thanks to prior disclosures from Judicial Watch of documents it obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, this is old news. That's what the Obama administration chronically does: it manipulates secrecy powers to prevent accountability in a court of law, while leaking at will about the same programs in order to glorify the president.

But what is news in this disclosure are the newly released emails between Mark Mazzetti, the New York Times's national security and intelligence reporter, and CIA spokeswoman Marie Harf. The CIA had evidently heard that Maureen Dowd was planning to write a column on the CIA's role in pumping the film-makers with information about the Bin Laden raid in order to boost Obama's re-election chances, and was apparently worried about how Dowd's column would reflect on them. 

Full Story:


Friday, September 7, 2012

Are Tall Buildings Safer As a Result of the NIST WTC Reports?

Subject: Are Tall Buildings Safer As a Result of the NIST WTC Reports?

On the 11th anniversary of 9/11, it is important to remember the official accounts given for the events of that day.
There are many ways to evaluate the quality of the NIST WTC reports.  One way that is not often discussed is to examine the reaction of the building professions to the NIST findings, to see if the root causes claimed by NIST for destruction of the buildings translated into real change in design and construction.
This new article takes that path and discovers that the claims made by NIST are not what they seem to be.
Kevin Ryan

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Killing Osama - The Big Lie Lives On

The June 18th, 2012 issue of Newsweek Magazine has an article about the doctor who conducted the CIA's vaccination program in Pakistan that led to the raid on the compound in Abbottabad where Osama bin Laden was allegedly killed.

I emphasize the word "allegedly" because to date, despite numerous books, articles, and claims by members of the military and government, including President Obama, there is no independently verifiable evidence Osama bin Laden was actually present at the compound or even still alive. As David Ray Griffin noted in a book written prior to the raid, there were numerous accounts of his death in December 2001, not to mention various actors portraying him in videos.  also

There were three things that popped out from the Newsweek story entitled "The Doctor's Grim Reward" worth noting:

1. The doctor never obtained DNA samples from the compound, nor was he, as the article indicates, ever aware at any time of Osama bin Laden's presence inside. Nevertheless, this didn't stop former CIA Director Leon Panetta from publicly stating last January that the doctor's efforts were "very helpful" in identifying bin Laden's whereabouts.

2.  The doctor, whose name was Shakeel Afridi, was arrested by Pakistani authorities approximately three weeks after the Abbottabad raid for spying for the CIA.  According to Pakistani intelligence officials, he told his interrogators that he had been "introduced to the CIA by someone at Save the Children," the largest humanitarian organization operating in Pakistan.  This is significant considering the widespread use by the CIA of supposedly non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and "humanitarian" groups in championing "humanitarian" interventions in places like Libya, sub-Saharan Africa and Syria.

3.  For conspiracy theorists the article was also interesting in that the vaccination program being administered in Pakistan involved the use of Hepatitis B Vaccines.  It's long been rumored that the AIDS virus was deliberately introduced into the gay population of the United States by government scientists through Hepatitis B vaccinations that were given in New York City, San Francisco, and elsewhere between1978 – 1981.  

Recently a book by a participant in the raid on Abbottabad was released supposedly without permission from the Pentagon.  The book, No Easy Day, written under the pseudonym "Mark Owen," according to Fox News was actually written by a Seal Team 6 member named Matt Bissonette.  Significantly, the author, despite publishing potentially sensitive information without prior approval, has not been reprimanded.  Contrast this with the treatment of Private First Class Bradley Manning or the treatment by other whistleblowers by the Obama Administration and it becomes obvious this book is anything but rogue.

When it comes to propaganda, like the character in George Orwell's novel 1984, Osama bin Laden is the gift that keeps on giving.  If you recall, throughout the Bush term in office, bin Laden would release videos and audios at politically opportune times, such as right before an election.  Even in death he's still haunting our imaginations.  In December, a movie about the raid on Abbottabad, "Zero Dark Thirty," is to be released.   The film, which was produced with assistance from the CIA and Defense Department, had originally been scheduled for release before the election, but was moved back because the filmmakers weren't "ready."  Supposedly political considerations weren't factors in that decision. 

As the Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels knew, if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the Truth.  The myth of Osama bin Laden's demise is just such a lie.  A lie, conveniently timed for al Qaeda's re-emergence once again as an ally of U.S. and NATO in efforts to topple the regimes of Libya and Syria.  (A number the 9/11 hijackers had served alongside the CIA and NATO in Afghanistan, Chechnya, and in Bosnia.)



Thursday, August 23, 2012

Free showing of the film "9/11: Explosive Evidence, Experts Speak Out" - MCPL, Thur. Sep. 6th, 7:00 pm

 The 9/11 Working Group will be showing the film 9/11: Explosive Evidence, Experts Speak Out at the Monroe County Public Library Auditorium, 303 E. Kirkwood Ave., Bloomington, IN on Thursday, September 6th at 7:00 pm.  The 90 minute film was produced by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. 

This is A&E's second major film release.  Some of you may have seen their prior 2008 film 9/11: Blueprint for Truth

Over 1,700 architects and engineers have now signed on to calling for a new investigation.

This is a valuable film for anyone wishing to learn more about the circumstances surrounding the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings and especially for anyone still skeptical about what happened on 9/11.  Come see the film and make up your own minds as to who might have been responsible for the attacks, which have so transformed our nation and the world around.

The showing is free and open to the public.

For more information about the film and Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth visit their website:

The 9/11 Working Group will be tabling at Farmers Market in Bloomington this Saturday from 8:00 am to noon.  Stop by the table if you are in the vicinity.

Sponsored by the 9/11 Working Group


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another Nineteen

Friends and colleagues,
At the Journal of 9/11 Studies we are working on something special for the 11th anniversary of 9/11. More to come on that in the next few weeks.
Meanwhile my own investigation into legitimate 9/11 suspects proceeds and a book is planned for next year.  I've posted a new blog entry about that which includes thoughts about the trial of KSM, which I expect to be the next big vehicle for maintaining the 9/11 fear factor.
Research related to the book will be posted at the website 
Feedback is always welcome.
Best wishes at this difficult time of year.
Kevin Ryan

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Film - "9/11: Explosive Evidence, Experts Speak Out" Thursday, Sep. 6th, 7:00 pm MCPL Auditorium

On behalf of the 9/11 Working Group I want to thank everyone who came out to hear Sander Hicks at Boxcar Books last Saturday.   It was good to see everyone.  I would like to concur with what what Rita said about Bloomington having a terrific activist and progressive community.   We have another event coming up for the eleventh anniversary of 9/11.


On Thursday, September 6th at 7:00 pm the 9/11 Working will be showing a new film by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, entitled: "9/11: Explosive Evidence, Experts Speak Out!"  I haven't seen the film, but I hear it's good.


For more information about the film visit:



Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mitt Romney's Sturmabteilung

Mitt Romney's list of National Security Advisers looks like a veritable whose who of the architects and engineers of 9/11  and subsequent coverup (not to be confused with Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth whose latest film, Explosive Evidence, Experts Speak Out, the 9/11 Working Group will be showing in Bloomington on Thursday, September 6th, 7:00 pm at the Monroe County Public Library Auditorium). Included among Romney's team are:

  • 9/11 Commission member and former Navy Secretary John Lehman
  • National Security Agency Director on 9/11, General Michael Hayden
  • Members of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC)
  • Former Clinton Administration CIA Director James Woolsey
  • Dov Zakheim (SPC Corporation)
  • Kenneth Adelman (rendition and torture advocate)
  • Joe Lieberman and others

Also note in the following article by Wayne Madsen how the "liberal" George Soros interfaces through elite foundations with rightwing extremists when it comes to Russia and countries related to Moscow's sphere of influence. Soros was a key architect of the CIA's Color Revolutions in Eastern Europe and the phony Arab Spring in the Middle East and North Africa.

Mitt Romney's Sturmabteilung

Wayne MADSEN | 04.08.2012 | 12:20


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Reminder: Sander Hicks Tonight at Boxcar Books in Bloomington

Reminder: Sander Hicks will be speaking this evening at Boxcar Books, 408 E. 6th Street in Bloomington at 7:00 pm.  The event is free and open to the public.  For more information about Sander and his 80 cities in 80 days tour visit:


The 9/11 Working Group will be tabling at Farmers Market in Bloomington this morning from 8:00 am to noon.  If you are in the vicinity, please stop by.



Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sander Hicks Interview on Real Deal with Jim Fetzer

Sander Hicks, who will be speaking in Bloomington at Boxcar Books this Saturday (Aug. 4th) at 7:00 pm, was interviewed on The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer on July 27th.  A link to the interview can be found at:



Monday, July 30, 2012

Author and Activist Sander Hicks to Speak at Boxcar Books in Bloomington this Saturday - 7:00 pm

The 9/11 Working Group will be presenting Sander Hicks at Boxcar Books this Saturday (August 4th) at Boxcar Books, 408 E. 6th Street, Bloomington, IN at 7:00 pm. 


Sander is currently on an 80 cities in 80 days tour to promote his latest book, Slingshot to the Juggernaut, Total Resistance to the Death Machine Means Complete Love of the Truth.  Sander is also the author of The Big Wedding: 9/11, The Whistle-Blowers, & The Cover-Up.  He has investigated and written about the mysterious death of a 9/11 witness, Dr. David Graham.


In 2000, Sander, who at age 27 had started a publishing company, Soft Skull Press, was responsible for publishing the biography of George W. Bush, Fortunate Son, The Making of an American President.   The book which was authored by the late J. H. Hatfield had originally been published by St. Martin's Press.  Under pressure from Bush Campaign operatives, 90,000 copies were recalled from bookstores burned.  That was the book that revealed, among other things, Dubya's prior arrest for cocaine.


If you want to know what Jesus, Zen, Gandhi, nonviolence, Occupy Wall Street and 9/11 Truth all have in common, come to Boxcar Books this Saturday and hear what Sander has to say.


For more information about Sander and his tour, visit:



New revelation about President's decision to "kill" Osama bin Laden

According to the story below, President Obama cancelled plans to kill Osama bin Laden on three separate occasions prior to the alleged raid on the compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan on advice from his adviser Valerie Jarrett. He probably should have listened to her a fourth time, since the real bin Laden, according to numerous accounts was already dead. If he had, maybe the Navy Seals wo died in the mysterious helicopter crash in Afghanistan a few weeks after the raid would still be alive.

Besides the obvious political motivations for this story coming out now, from Israel where Mitt Romney has been visiting, one has to wonder who from Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) leaked the information. The author of Leading from Behind: The Reluctant President and the Advisors Who Decide for Him, Richard Miniter refuses to identify the unnamed source for this information.

We can only speculate as to the source.  General Stanley McChrystal? This wouldn't be the first time he shot his mouth off, which is why Obama had to fire him in the first place. McChrystal had headed JSOC, which reporter Seymour Hersh referred to as Dick Cheney's "executive assassination ring."

Having learned from what happened to JFK after he fired General Limon Lemnitzer, CIA Director Allen Dulles and his deputy Richard Bissell, Obama made sure to be extra nice to the General. Obama allowed him to retain his Four Star rank upon retirement, despite his not having served a full three years as normally stipulated under Pentagon rules. The President can override that rule, which, no doubt, for the sake of his own health he did.


Of course, the leak could have come from someone else, maybe even Dick Cheney.  Perhaps the next time Sander Hicks is being photographed with Dick Cheney, he can ask him that question.*


Visit the link story below:


'Gutsy Call' Not So Gutsy After All, New Book Reveals

According to a new book, President Obama canceled operation to kill Osama bin Laden on three separate occasions, due to instructions of aide


By Rachel Hirshfeld

First Publish: 7/30/2012, 12:07 PM




At the urging of senior advisor Valerie Jarrett, President Barack Obama canceled the operation to kill Osama bin Laden on three separate occasions before finally approving the May 2, 2011 Navy SEAL mission, according to a new book scheduled for release August 21, The Daily Caller (DC) reported.


Full story:



* There is a photograph of Sander Hicks standing next to Dick Cheney in his latest book Slingshot to the Juggernaut, Total Resistance to the Death Machine Means Complete Love of the Truth. During the photo shoot, Sander asked Dick Cheney, "What do I tell all these people who say, '9/11 was an inside job?'

Cheney responded, "It's not true, just have them look at the evidence."

Sander Hicks will be speaking at Boxcar Books, 408 E. 6th Street, in Bloomington this Saturday at 7:00 pm.  The event is free and open to the public.

CIA "overlooked" Osama bin Laden movie documents

Judging from recent news about NATO backed al Qaeda rebels fighting the Syrian government, it appears Osama bin Laden's alleged demise conveniently came just in time for the terrorist organization that he headed to "once again" ally with the United States.  The CIA has been busy helping with a propaganda film about the raid on the compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan.   See story below. 

I would note, that to date there is no solid evidence that Osama bin Laden was even alive at the time of the raid other than government claims - and even they couldn't keep their story straight.  ~ B. B. 

CIA "overlooked" Osama bin Laden movie documents

By Adam Levine

The Central Intelligence Agency says it "inadvertently overlooked" documents related to its assistance to filmmakers creating a movie about the Osama bin Laden raid and failed to hand them over as part of a lawsuit against the CIA and the Department of Defense.

The oversight was revealed in a court document filed as part of the lawsuit by Judicial Watch, which is seeking information about how much the CIA and Pentagon disclosed about the raid by cooperating with filmmakers.


"The CIA discovered a 4- to 5-inch stack of records," according to the filing by the government's attorney, Marcia Berman. "From its initial review of the documents, the CIA has determined that the newly discovered documents are responsive to plaintiff's request but contain some duplicates of produced records."


The number of documents found is "approximately 30 new documents (primarily e-mails), with many documents containing multiple pages," according to the filing.


"These documents were supposed to be turned over to us two months ago under a federal court order," said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch. "This new 'discovery' and resulting delay stinks to high heaven - maybe an independent criminal leak investigation can look into this issue, too."


The government has asked the court for an extension until August 24 to properly review the documents but Judicial Watch is objecting to the request.


"They are suggesting that many are duplicative, so even less reason," not to turn them over sooner, he said.

The assistance to moviemakers has been roundly criticized by some Republican members of Congress. Rep. King Peter King of New York claimed that the White House gave the filmmakers access to top White House and Pentagon officials with knowledge of the bin Laden raid. An original release date just before the election was seen as a boon to the re-election campaign of President Barack Obama. It has since been pushed to a later date.


Full Story:


Author and activist Sander Hicks to Speak at Boxcar Books in Bloomington, Saturday, August 4th, 7:00 pm

For Immediate Release

The 9/11 Working Group will be presenting author and activist Sander Hicks at Boxcar Books, 408 E. 6th Street, Bloomington, Indiana on Saturday, August 4th at 7:00 pm. The event is free and open to the public. Sander's visit to Bloomington is part of his 80 cities in 80 days tour to promote his recent book, Slingshot to the Juggernaut, Total Resistance to the Death Machine Means Complete Love of the Truth.

The book, which deals with subjects such as nonviolence; spiritualism; Jesus; Gandhi; Occupy Wall Street; and 9/11, takes its inspiration from the story of David versus Goliath. It's about how underdogs can take on and overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges.

At a time when many have given up hope on bringing about meaningful progressive change through the political process, Sander shows how like David we too can overcome the Goliath of a corrupt system based on lies and greed by embracing the principles of nonviolence and by exposing the truth about events such as 9/11.

Sander Hicks first achieved national prominence in the lead up to the 2000 presidential election when as a young publisher he rescued from certain oblivion, J. H. Hatfield's book – Fortunate Son, George W. Bush and the Making of an American President. The controversial biography, which among other things revealed Bush's prior arrest for cocaine possession and how his prominent father had used his influence to have the arrest records expunged in return for community service, had originally been published by St. Martin's Press. Under pressure from Bush family operatives, 90,000 copies of the book were recalled from book stores and burned. Sander, who was 27 years-old at the time, had started a publishing company, Soft Skull Press.  He agreed to publish the book, which went on to become a national best-seller.

Since then, Sander has become an author and journalist in his own right. In addition to Slingshot to the Juggernaut, he is the author of The Big Wedding, 9/11, the Whistle-Blowers, & the Cover-up, as well as, numerous articles on a variety of subjects. Most notable has been his relentless investigation into the mysterious death of a 9/11 witness named Dr. David Graham.

Dr. Graham, a Shreveport, Louisiana dentist, had met two of the 9/11 hijackers in 2010 at the home of a Pakistani businessman near Barksdale Air Force Base. Graham became suspicious of the two men, who were introduced to him as "medical students" from Saudi Arabia, because they couldn't speak English. Fearing that they might be planning sabotage at the nearby Air Force base, he reported his sighting to the local FBI. This was before 9/11. Strangely, they weren't interested and advised him to mind his own business.

Later, after 9/11, Graham realized that the men he had met were two of the 19 men identified as hijackers on September 11th. Concerned that he might not have been persistent enough the first time, he contacted officials at the Justice Department, members of Congress, the Secret Service, as well as, the FBI again. Strangely, no one in authority seemed interested. The FBI agents, with whom he met repeatedly, even intimated that if he pursued his plan to publish a book about the matter, it might be harmful to his health. Dr. Graham never got the chance. He was poisoned with propylene glycol, the active ingredient in anti-freeze, while traveling through East Texas. He suffered a long agonizing death that the FBI would rule a "suicide."

In Slingshot to the Juggernaut there is a photo of Sander Hicks standing next to Vice President Dick Cheney. During the photo shoot, Sander turned to Cheney and asked, "What do I say to all these people who say 9/11 was an inside job?"

Without missing a beat, Cheney responded, "Just look at the evidence... it's not true."

Come to Boxcar Books Saturday, August 4th, 7:00 pm and hear what Sander has to say about that.

For more information about Sander Hicks, visit his website:

Prince Bandar becomes Saudi Arabia's new spy chief

Prince Bandar, who was the Ambassador to the United States on 9/11 has been appointed Saudi Arabia's new spy chief.  Bandar's wife Princess Haifa financed two of the 9/11 hijackers living in San Diego.  Money from her bank account at Riggs Bank was transfered through third parties to Nawaf al Hazmi and Khalid al Mihdhar.  These were the same two "9/11 hijackers" who lived with an FBI counter terrorism informant in San Diego.  Al Hazmi was one of  two suspected terrorists that Dr. David Graham met at the home of a  Pakistani businessman in Shreveport, Louisiana that Sander Hicks has written about. 


Prince Bandar also was responsible in coordinating the air lift of Saudi royals, dignitaries, and members of the bin Laden family following 9/11 when all commercial and private air traffic was grounded. 


In Michael Moore's movie Fahrenheit 9/11 he mentions that Prince Bandar was so close to the Bush family that he was fondly referred to by the family as "Bandar Bush."


Prince Bandar is suspected of running al Qaeda in Iraq.  It appears he's one of the principle players in charge of the rebel offensive currently underway in Syria, as well.


Prince Bandar brings mettle, pomp to spy agency


July 21, 2012 01:19 AM

By Angus McDowall


Obama Administration Declares All Statements by 9/11 Accused “Presumptively Classified”

Obama Administration Declares All Statements by 9/11 Accused "Presumptively Classified"
Friday, July 20, 2012
All statements made by the five Guantánamo prisoners accused of plotting the September 11, 2001, attacks have been classified by the Obama administration, prompting legal challenges from civil libertarians and news organizations.
The order, made in April at the beginning of the military trials of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four others, applies to anything they have said, either in court or in private with their attorneys.
According to the order, "Because the Accused were detained and interrogated in the CIA program, they were exposed to classified sources, methods, and activities. Due to their exposure to classified information, the Accused are in a position to reveal this information publicly through their statements. Consequently, any and all statements by the Accused are presumptively classified until a classification review can be completed."
In other words, if the statements are not classified, the Obama administration claims, the Central Intelligence Agency's detention and interrogation efforts might be revealed.

New journal co-editor and new blog article

Friends and colleagues,
Dr. Frank Legge decided to retire from the Journal of 9/11 Studies recently. However, I'm glad to report that Professor Graeme MacQueen has agreed to become my new co-editor at the journal.  Not only am I thrilled to have Graeme join me in an effort to revitalize the journal, but my former editors, Dr. Legge  and Professor Steven Jones, are also very supportive.  We should have more to share at the journal in the near future.
And as of today I have a new blog article entitled "The nexus between terror propaganda and terrorism: Bremer and Jenkins."  This reviews the history of threat propaganda from Paul Nitze's reports on the Soviet threat through the establishment of propaganda outlets like those of the Cercle Pinay and WISC, and on to the U.S. terrorism commissions leading up to the War on Terror.  It further focuses on L Paul Bremer and Brian Michael Jenkins and is part of a larger, ongoing effort to identify the people who should be investigated for the crimes of 9/11. 
I hope that you are all well and happy and that you continue to seek the truth.

David Ray Griffin: How a Retired Theologian Became a High-Priest of the 9/11 Truth Movement | Belief | AlterNet

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Mysterious Death of 9/11 Witness Dr. David Graham

One year before the attacks of 9/11, a Louisiana dentist named Dr. David Graham met two of the alleged 9/11 hijackers at the home of a Pakistani businessman in Shreveport, LA outside Barksdale Air Force base.  He became suspicious of the two men who were introduced to him as "medical students" because they couldn't speak English.  Fearing that they might be involved in sabotage at the nearby Air Force base, he reported his sighting to the FBI.  They assured him there was nothing to worry about. 


This was before 9/11.  Later, after the attacks of September 11th, when he realized that the two men he had met were among the 19 individuals identified as hijackers he reported the sighting once again to the FBI, Secret Service, Justice Department and members of Congress.  Strangely no one in authority seemed interested.  He was even warnedby the FBI agents he had repeatedly spoken with  that his health might be endangered if he persued his plan to write a book about the meeting.   He never got a chance to publish his book.  He was poisoned while traveling through Texas.  The authorities ruled his lingering death from ingesting anti-freeze as a suicide.  His friends and co-workers believe he was murdered.  When he was asked who he thought might have poisoned him, he said, "the FBI."


Below are links to stories by Sander Hicks and Jordan Green regarding the strange death of Dr. David Graham.  Also is a link to the Graham Report. which Dr. David Graham presented to members of Congress regarding his sightings.


Sander Hicks will be speaking about this and other matters from his latest book Slingshot to the Juggernaut at Boxcar Books in Bloomington on Saturday, August 4th at 7:00 pm.  The event is free and open to the public.

Who Killed Dr. Graham?

[An exceprt from the book proposal for Slingshot to the Juggernaut.]


Jordan Green
October 30, 2007

He warned the FBI about a ring of alleged Arab terrorists - before 9/11




Thursday, September 27, 2007



The Graham Report




Monday, June 25, 2012

9/11 Working Group to Host Sander Hicks at Boxcar Books on Saturday, August 4th

The 9/11 Working Group is pleased to invite author and activist Sander Hicks to Boxcar Books, 408 East 6th Street, Bloomington, Indiana 47408, Saturday, August 4th from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm to discuss his latest book – Slingshot to the Juggernaut, Total Resistance to the Death Machine Means Complete Love of the Truth.  The book covers a range of topics dealing with issues of peace, nonviolence, spiritualism, 9/11 truth and the Occupy Movement.

Sander Hicks first achieved national prominence in 2000 with his publication of J. H. Hatfield's book Fortunate Son.  The book originally was to have been published by St. Martin's Press.  It was recalled by the publisher following pressure from Bush family operatives in the lead up to the 2000 presidential race.  In Nazi-like fashion, 25,000 copies of the book were burned.  Fortunately, for Fortunate Son, Sander Hicks's newly formed publishing company, Soft Skull Press, rescued the book from oblivion.

The book revealed, among other things, George W. Bush's 1972 cocaine arrest and conviction that Bush Senior would get expunged from the record in return for community service from Junior.  Fortunate Son's author would later die allegedly by suicide, under suspicious circumstances shortly before 9/11.  Was he silenced because he knew too much about the Bush Family's connections to Osama bin Laden? 

Sander's first book dealing with 9/11 was in 2005 with publication of The Big Wedding.  Since then he has written numerous articles for numerous publications such as Alternet, GNN, Long Island Press, New York Press, and Catholic Worker. 

Perhaps his greatest contribution to the field of 9/11 research has been his relentless investigation and expose concerning the mysterious death of 9/11 witness, Dr. David Graham.  Dr. Graham had met two of the 9/11 hijackers in Shreveport, Louisiana one year before the attacks of September 11th, 2001.  Concerned with their suspicious behavior and fearing that they might be planning sabotage at nearby Barksdale Air Force base, a nuclear armed facility, he had reported his sighting to the FBI and Secret Service, only to be rebuffed by both agencies.  Later, after 9/11, when he recognized the pictures of two of the hijackers he had met, he contacted the FBI, Justice Department and members of Congress and told them about what he had seen.  Strangely, no one in authority seemed interested in what he had to say.  The FBI agents with whom he spoke even intimated that if he persisted in publishing a book about what he had seen, it might be harmful to his health. 

Before he got a chance, he was poisoned with ethylene glycol, a toxic ingredient in anti-freeze, while traveling through East Texas.  As with J. H. Hatfield, the authorities ruled his death a suicide.  Had he too paid the ultimate price for attempting to tell the truth? 

Sander will be talking about these and other matters concerning peace, nonviolence, spiritualism, and the Occupy Movement and what we can do to reclaim our society.  We hope you will join us.  Attached is a flyer for the event. 

If the weather permits, I plan to drive down to Bloomington this Saturday to table at Farmers Market to promote Sander's visit.  I hope you will stop by.