Monday, July 30, 2012

New journal co-editor and new blog article

Friends and colleagues,
Dr. Frank Legge decided to retire from the Journal of 9/11 Studies recently. However, I'm glad to report that Professor Graeme MacQueen has agreed to become my new co-editor at the journal.  Not only am I thrilled to have Graeme join me in an effort to revitalize the journal, but my former editors, Dr. Legge  and Professor Steven Jones, are also very supportive.  We should have more to share at the journal in the near future.
And as of today I have a new blog article entitled "The nexus between terror propaganda and terrorism: Bremer and Jenkins."  This reviews the history of threat propaganda from Paul Nitze's reports on the Soviet threat through the establishment of propaganda outlets like those of the Cercle Pinay and WISC, and on to the U.S. terrorism commissions leading up to the War on Terror.  It further focuses on L Paul Bremer and Brian Michael Jenkins and is part of a larger, ongoing effort to identify the people who should be investigated for the crimes of 9/11. 
I hope that you are all well and happy and that you continue to seek the truth.

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