Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Was the Cookie Monster on to Something back in 1976?

The cover of a 1976 Sesame Street comic book entitled "Monsters on the Loose" depicted an image of the Cookie Monster eating the World Trade Center Towers.  The image can be viewed here:


1976 was just three years after the twin towers were completed.  By it itself, that might just be a coincidence, but then there was this:

The Perfect Terrorist Plan
To Level The Twin Towers
Created In 1976

By Greg Szymanski
Exclusive to American Free Press


Our own U.S. Army devised a plan commissioned by Congress to bring down the WTC using commercial airliners and box cutters as weapons.
The laundry list of terrorist warnings handed to the Bush administration prior to 9/11 makes the President and others look like "bumbling idiots or a bunch of conniving criminals" responsible for the mass murders at the Twin Towers and in Afghanistan and Iraq.
These are the harsh words of Timothy McNiven, an outspoken critic of the President's handling of 9/11 and a 29-year U.S. Defense Department operative still under contract with the government.
He says not only did the Bush administration purposely ignore Al Q'aida in the months preceding the WTC attacks, but the situation is even more disturbing, considering his military unit way back in 1976 devised a mock terrorist attack of the Twin Towers exactly like what occurred on 9/11.


Full story:



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