Sunday, September 1, 2013

Three-term City Council member Dave Rollo to present on science WTC collapse on 9/11

The upcoming September 5th DFMC Link-up features another important and controversial topic. Three-term City Council member Dave Rollo will present on the science of the collapse of the 3 World Trade Center towers on 9/11. Questions about the collapses of the buildings, particularly the 3rd tower (Building Seven) which was not hit by a plane and sustained relatively minor damage and experienced relatively small fires, have led thousands of licensed architects and engineers to join together and publicly call for a new investigation of what caused the towers to collapse. Council member Rollo has been studying this issue for several years and has personally met with 9/11 Commission Chairman Lee Hamilton regarding the collapse of the buildings. He has given multiple presentations on the subject. Bloomington's 9/11 Working Group is co-sponsoring the talk. 

The event is in the events room of Coach's, which is family friendly, food and beverage ordered at 6 PM, presentation at 6:30 with the discussion to follow. 

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