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Fwd: The Halloween Massacre and the Origins of 9/11​

The Missing Link to 9/11

Bob Baldwin

November 22, 2013

The Halloween Massacre is the missing link that connects the JFK assassination and Watergate to Iran/Contra and ultimately 9/11.

Both Roger Stone the author of the book - The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ and Russ Baker, the author of Family of Secrets believe that Richard Nixon was setup over Watergate because he knew too much about the CIA's involvement in the JFK assassination. He posed a threat to the Agency. He had been to Clint Murchison party the night before the assassination, but had left before LBJ showed up for the secret planning meeting.

I don't believe Nixon was quite as innocent of the plot against Kennedy as Stone makes him out to be. He had after all set up the Operation 40 assassination teams that were used in the various attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro in Cuba. Many of these same individuals would later turn up in Jim Garrison's investigation into the assassination. That said, I also don't think he was completely in the loop. I think he was being manipulated by Johnson in order to get Republican backing for the cover-up.

After Nixon was removed from office as a result of Watergate, which Russ Baker believes was a CIA contrived setup. His contention is reinforced by Deborah Davis in her book Katherine the Great: Katherine Graham and Her Washington Post Empire. Turns out, Ben Bradlee, the editor of the Washington Post was a former CIA operative. He had worked in the Paris Embassy, and was responsible during the 1950s for generating propaganda used against Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

Bob Woodward, far from being a cub reporter with a lucky break, as portrayed in All the President's Men, had served as Navy liaison between Admiral Zumwalt and the White House. Although technically he may not have served in Naval Intelligence, he had top secret clearance. He mixed in high circles.

As a consequence of Watergate, Gerald Ford, a member of the Warren Commission became President. According to various accounts, he spied on the Commission for the FBI. Fearing a challenge on the right for the 1976 Presidential nomination from Ronald Reagan, Ford had a shakeup in his cabinet midway during his term, which was known as the Halloween Massacre.

As a result of the Halloween Massacre, Henry Kissinger, who stayed on as Secretary of State, was replaced as National Security Advisor by Air Force General Brent Scowcroft.

William Colby was replaced as CIA Director by George Herbert Walker Bush. Years later, Colby would drown outside his cabin under suspicious circumstances.

James Schlessinger was replaced by Donald Rumsfeld as Secretary of State.

And Dick Cheney was brought on as Chief of Staff.

The year was 1975.

The following year, the military ran a drill authorized by Congress to simulate a terrorist attack on the Twin Towers that was remarkably similar to what would actually happen 25 years later on 9/11. You can read about it here:

"The Perfect Terrorist Plan To Level The Twin Towers Created In 1976" by Greg Szymanski

Curiously, the producers of the children's televison show Sesame Street that year featured on the cover of their magazine a picture of the Cookie Monster devouring the Twin Towers with the caption: "Monsters on the Loose."

Was someone trying to warn us, or did the conspirators just have a sense of humor?

Fast foreward to that fateful day in September:

On 9/11, George H. W. Bush flew out of Washington, D.C. on the morning of the attack. He had been meeting with the Carlyle Group along with Shafiq bin Laden, the brother of Osama bin Laden at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Dubya was conveniently out of town in Sarasota, Florida, reading My Pet Goat, holding the book upside down with school children.

In charge at the White House was Vice President Dick Cheney.

In charge at the Pentagon was Donald Rumsfeld.

On board one of the E 4B Doomsday planes circling Washington D.C. and New York City, as part of the Global Guardian Exercise, which had suspiciously been moved up to September that year from its usual October or November scheduled date, was retired General and former National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft.

These were the same players involved in the Halloween Massacre. Was this a coicidence or a conspiracy? You be the judge.


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