Thursday, January 7, 2016

More Questions about Rebekah Roth

Awhile back I recommended a book by Rebekah Roth, Methodical Illusion, a fictional account based around the events of 9/11.  Rebekah had made the talk show circuit, touting her book and a second one Methodical Deception.  She seemed credible, claiming that her background as a 25-year former flight attendant had provided her with insights into the suspicious nature of the calls allegedly made from the planes on the day of the 9/11 attacks.  My posting drew the attention of a reader, who contacted us about her veracity.  It looks like he may have been on to something. 

Apparently Rebekah Roth is a former snake oil salesman, who used the name Monica Gaynor.  There is no evidence that she ever worked as a flight attendant.  Neither names are her real name according to Kurt Haskell, who has investigated her background.

According to Jim Fetzer, during a Skype call with Dennis Cimino, he noticed that her I.P. address was Langley, Virginia.  When questioned about it, she claimed she was using a proxy server.  Who uses the CIA for a proxy server?

Interestingly, on page 289 of Methodical Illusion (at the back), she offers special thanks to her husband and to the pHix Health Team with doTerra, the shady company Monica Gaynor sold "health" products for.  At least the Agency has a sense of humor.  :-)

Rebekah Roth's radio show at has since been taken down.

~ Bob Baldwin